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Garmin GWX70

With its advanced solid-state transmitter design eliminating the need for life limited magnetron tubes, the Garmin GWX 70 comprises the very latest and most reliable radar technology.

Scan with Doppler Accuracy
This Doppler-capable radar combines excellent range and adjustable scanning profiles with precision target definition — for accurate, easy-to-interpret, real-time analysis in the field. Its powerful yet versatile design allows it to be adapted to a wide range of uses, including weather detection, meteorological applications, small target detection, search and rescue, and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) applications.

Experience Solid-State Reliability
With its digital design, the GWX 70 provides reduced power consumption and extended life when compared to previous generations of magnetron-based radars. While magnetron tubes degrade or burn out over time, the solid-state technology in the GWX 70 maintains a consistent picture its entire lifecycle – all while only using 40 W of transmit power. What’s more, the all-in-one antenna/receiver/transmitter unit is available with a 10”, 12” or 18” antenna, so it’s easily utilized in a wide variety of configurations.

Application-Specific Software Configurability
As a software defined radar system, the GWX 70 provides considerable flexibility for use in a wide range of unique radar applications. A standard RJ45 Ethernet connection allows for the high-speed transfer of raw I and Q data returns to a PC or laptop. User configuration, via the same Ethernet connection, includes pulse widths, pulse compression ratios, and other transmitter setup functions.

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