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Garmin GPS MAP 796

Begin the transition to a paperless cockpit with the Garmin Aera 796 3D Aviation GPS Map. This state-of-the-art aviation GPS delivers the reliability of our previous models with the newest features, such as XM radio capabilities. The portable American Garmin 796 includes a practical touchscreen, 3D imagery and weather data. The 3D imaging will increase safety and efficiency on your flight as you monitor the terrain below. Use the four easy-access keys for quick reference and navigation. This effective product even includes a document viewer for professional, on-the-go aviators!
VFR Sectional charts and geo-referenced IFR Enroute charts are pre-loaded on the Garmin 796. Listen to SiriusXM, plan your route, avoid dangerous terrain and view important documents with this versatile GPS. For an exceptional product that provides high performance mapping capabilities and entertainment, the Garmin Aera delivers. View our selection of Garmin aviation portable GPS systems and accessories to improve your flight.

The Aera 796 features 3DVision perspective view of the topography beneath your aircraft. This unit is truly Garmin's most visionary portable yet. With your choice of portrait or landscape orientation, the Aera's "virtual reality" flight graphics can be framed with GPS-derived indications of ground track, altitude, groundspeed, vertical speed and turn indication all updated 5 times per second. The huge 7-inch hi-res touchscreen brings tap-and-go simplicity to page navigation.

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